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Sustainable Initiatives

Green Veterans Group sustainability initiatives address energy independence, and the well-being of citizens, social justice, while building resiliency against disaster in the communities we serve.

Water Management

Supporting efforts to capture water and reuse it to cultivate natural green spaces, food production.

Waste Remediation

Fosters community programs to recycle and upcycle consumer waste that have environmental and economic benefits.

Transitioning to Alternative Renewable Energy

Supports energy system solutions to build power and leadership in disparate and low-wealth communities. 

Food Production

Supports getting local food produce from urban farms, to the markets and restaurants closest to where it’s grown.

Affordable Housing

Provides innovative resilient solutions that nurtures the well-being  of its inhabitants by addressing disaster and housing needs. 

Our Mission & Vision

Green Veterans Group(GVG), Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to helping our Nation's heroes learn about sustainable building and green living, while helping ease the hardship of military-to-civilian transition. 

GVG envisions rapid deployment of sustainability initiatives with a strong emphasis on creating personal and professional opportunities for veterans and civilians.

Our Values

 Our values are rooted in collaboration, education, empathy, equality, integrity, research, and applied knowledge. 

By empowering Veterans and Civilians to become volunteer leaders in their communities, we nurture opportunities for continuing education, networking, employment, corporate engagement and green entrepreneurship. 

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